Hello World. Smiles the guy behind the camera, coaxing the light to pass through the glass, build up on a film or in the ccd element. Develop into yet another poor semblance of the beauty encountered.

I have been photographing it seems as forever, but it was under guidance of professors Neff, Meek and Book at School of Art at Louisiana State University those games became more conscious for which I will always be grateful.

It has been years though since those times, and I have started to organize photographic workshops and expeditions to various amazing places. In my photo travels I have extensively traveled USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.

Since 2018 actively taking part in GuruShots website resulting in numerous exhibitions, among them in Venice, Berlin, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, finally reaching a status of Guru in 2019.

Dfoto came to be first an online gallery for everyone (in Poland), and if you wish to display your works here, please get in touch and I will welcome you here.


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