Late at night while driving towards Grindavik we get a first glimpse of the volcano Geldingadalir as it lights up the night sky. Campground in Grindavik is overflowing with campers parked outside of it (two days from now I get interviewed by Icelandic TV about the crowds here) but we manage to park just inside by the curb. In the morning we drive to Reykjavik to buy the replacement drone (here a note about DJI service both in general – the new replacement drone has been delivered to my home address in Poland, and in DJI store in Reykjavik, which agreed to sell the replacement at the lowest price, thanks guys). It’s an interesting capital city considering the size and mood of it.

After leaving Reykjavik we head off to explore Reykjanes peninsula with the expansive lava fields, steaming fumaroles of Gunnuhver, the rift – and the Bridge Between Continents – as well seastacks of Valahnúkamöl.

Back in Grindavik campground we put up a tent to make sure we have a place to sleep when we return from the volcano and set off. First amazement comes when we come up to the lava dam where we parted the volcano last year. Then the lava was far away still. Today – it fills the valey beyond with tongues rising above if just about to spill over.

The trail is rough and a lot longer than last year but… the views are just amazing.

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