The Maramureș Village Museum is a tourist attraction located in the town of Sighetu Marmației in the northern region of Romania – Maramureș.

The museum was inaugurated in 1981, after a diligent work of collecting exhibits, which began in 1972 and which continues today, with the acquisition of new objectives, despite the underfunding of the museum. It presents over 30 households, some fully furnished with original pieces. The preserved houses and households are grouped on the main subzones of the historical Maramureș: Cosău-Mara and Iza Inferioara up to Strâmtura , Iza Mijlocie, Vişeu-Borșa, Tisa subzone and Ruscova basin.

All the streets and paths in the village converge towards the wooden church which is the oldest building in the museum (16th century), built from reused materials from an older church (some beams being dated dendrochronologically between 1572 and 1614) and was brought from the village of Oncești on Iza valley.

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