Volcanoes and geysers

Our first trip after (hopefully after) the Covid pandemic takes us to land of fire and ice. Literally starting with the fire of Geldingadalir Volcano which started erupting couple of months ago and is still pumping lava and 12 m3/sec. Taking overland route which is not official takes us in about 3km to a viewpoint about a kilometer away from the active lava lake. The weather is … well… Icelandic, but the view is… well… Icelandic. In first case it means rain and wind. In second – just splendid. Returning we turn to the  lava field in Fagradalsfjall Valley which is being overrun after the upper valley has been filled.

Next stop is Geysir thermal area – named for one of the world largest geyser but unfraternally as for all large geysers its behavior is unpredictable. Fortunately there is another one – Strokkur – erupting about every 10 minutes with a splendid show.


As the weather turns sunny we find ourselves by Gullfoss – possibly the most beautiful waterfall I have had the privilege to view. Divided into upper cascades and lover drop it is varied, noisy and just stunning. Sporting a lovely rainbow in the setting sun.

To finish off the first day we take a dip in fabulous hot water spring of Hraunalug. Perfect water temperature, perfect setting and  great rest after excitement of the first day of the trip.


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